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The Beige Maltipu is a sweet, cuddly, adorable designer dog created by crossing a Maltese and a Miniature (Toy) Poodle. Beige maltipu have a beautiful color, when crossing dogs it is necessary that the color of both parents be brown. Beige maltipu are true friends, cheerful, loyal dogs, they actively participate in any games.

Beige maltipu are considered popular, sought-after puppies, dogs of this breed do not shed, have a curly, soft coat, which the owner needs to take care of on an ongoing basis. Beige maltipu is small in size, the coat is hypoallergenic, dogs of this breed are suitable for people with allergies. The country of origin of the beige maltipu is the United States of America, the dogs have a beautiful beige color, dogs live 10-15 years, the sale of dogs is considered friendly, the maltipu is attached to the owner, does not like loneliness, can live in apartments and houses, not suitable for enclosures.

Beige Maltipu is one of many adorable colors, cream and beige maltipu are often considered the same color. Beige is more like light brown while cream is more like yellow-white. In fact, these two colors of the maltipu are similar to each other. Many breeders and owners of beige maltipu refer to them as cream and vice versa, for this reason people use the two colors interchangeably when referring to the same breed of maltipu.

Beige maltipu are small in size, have a soft, silky coat, dogs of this breed get along well with children, are true friends. Beige maltipu can be bought on the website of our Koreanpet online store, the puppies are completely healthy, have a pedigree, little fluffies will be a real gift for your children!