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You can buy the rarest maltipu puppies from leading Korean kennels on the website of our online boutique Koreanpet.

Korean maltipu are the best in the world, they remain puppies all their lives. They have large eyes, a small snub nose and small bones. If you have always dreamed of a puppy who is guaranteed not to disappoint you with his conformation when he is one year old, then you are definitely welcome to us.

The Maltipoo is currently the most popular designer hybrid in the world. They are distinguished by a wonderful character, it is not necessary to walk with them, they are easily accustomed to a diaper, an electronic drinking bowl and a feeder. The hybrid maltipu is easy to train and as unpretentious as possible in everyday life.

We bring only the rarest maltipa, we cooperate exclusively with the best nurseries in Korea. The rarest Korean micro maltipu can only be bought from us.

Before departure from Korea, each puppy undergoes mandatory veterinary control, which includes a thorough veterinary examination and mandatory blood biochemistry. Then we get an export permit and transport the puppy.

Koreanpet delivers and sells only the most extraordinary Korean micro maltipu worldwide.