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You can buy micro spitz from healthy offspring, Chinese well-known kennels on the website of our online store Koreanpet. Micro Spitz is a popular breed of miniature dog, weighing up to 5 kg. The Micro Spitz is loved for its tiny size, the dogs have charming facial features and a cheeky personality. Dogs of this breed regularly occupy very high places in national lists, international exhibitions. Spitz are described as curious, brash, loyal, independent, affectionate and intelligent. It’s a sin not to fall in love with such a dog, micro spitz are small in size, the pet’s coat is silky, soft and fluffy, the dogs are very smart and friendly.

Micro Spitz are suitable for rooms of any size range, apartments and houses of large and small sizes. Micro Spitz are mischievous dogs, very affectionate and loyal friends. Micro Spitz will be real friends for you and your children. Dogs need to comb their hair 2-3 times a week, brush their teeth at least once a week, examine their ears. It is necessary to take care of such sweetest creatures, take them for a walk every day, monitor their health, and tailor their diet individually. Our company operates throughout Russia, we offer to buy a micro Spitz with a pedigree, from healthy parents, all puppies have a passport, vaccinations made on time.

Micro Pomeranians are named after their place of origin in the northern European region once known as Pomerania. These diminutive creatures are descended from an older, larger breed of Spitz that were once used as Arctic sled dogs. Dogs of this breed are loyal, affectionate, intelligent, independent and energetic. They are very alert and attentive to their surroundings. There is a wide range of colors for the Micro Spitz, the most common being red and orange. Each client of our Koreanpet online store will be able to pick up a miniature Spitz puppy from modern and well-known Chinese kennels, delivery is carried out on time.