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You can buy a Korean Spitz dog on the website of our online store Koreanpet. Our company offers to pick up a modern breed of dog called Korean Spitz. The Spitz is a purebred dog of small size, from 16 to 22 cm, smart and playful, the Spitz will be a true friend for you, your child, it will be pleasant and fun to spend time with him.
Dogs of this breed love to communicate, play in the fresh air, walk on the street. A dog of the Spitz breed looks like a small teddy bear, a dog called Korean Spitz can be attributed to a short breed, for proper care you need to choose a diet from specialists, veterinarians, decide on vitamins that are suitable for your pets. The Korean Spitz needs to be bathed frequently with a shampoo that is suitable specifically for this breed, the Spitz's coat is long, it needs to be looked after, combed daily.
Korean Spitz is a domestic dog breed, a good friend, this breed of dog guards the house and territory well, the dog barks loudly, loves free movement, is not suitable for an aviary and a chain. On the website of our online store you can pick up a modern, popular breed of Korean Spitz puppy, the dog will be a true friend to your child and you, the Spitz is a playful breed of dog that requires a lot of attention, careful care in terms of nutrition and hygiene. "Teddy bear" will become your best friend, the dog is cheerful, active, like a small child, you need to constantly take care of it, feed it with the right food, then your pet will not have health problems, the baby's coat will become fluffy and soft.
Our Koreanpet company offers to buy a Korean Spitz dog, puppies are delivered throughout Russia, to any region. The Spitz can be trained, performs various commands, obeys the owner, the dog breed is friendly, you will be pleased to take care of it, the Spitz will become a true friend to your children and you.