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Red poodles are rare in their color, it took quite a while to get a dog with such a beautiful, bright, red color. Experimental breeding was carried out by mating a small miniature apricot female poodle with a large red dog, which later turned out to be a beautiful red color, bright and unusual. Red poodles over a large amount of time, lived years, change bright colors to a calmer brown-red. Red poodles in their temperament: affectionate, energetic, kind, easily trained breed of dog.

Poodles are a very popular dog breed and have a thick and wavy coat that is different from other dog breeds. Red poodles first appeared on the scene in 1980, owners and breeders of this breed of dogs instantly fell in love with the beautiful and stunning new coat color. Since red poodles are a fairly active breed of dog, you should spend a lot of time with the dog in the fresh air, often walk, exercise on an ongoing basis, train the dog, give various commands, train it yourself or with the help of a trainer.

When buying a red poodle, you need to decide on the diet, choose vitamins, feed the animal with the food that it was originally accustomed to in the kennel, from the breeder. The stomach of the red poodle is very sensitive, so it is necessary, right, to approach the choice of food. It is vital to give the red poodle a lot of space, spend often in the fresh air, dogs of this breed are smart, the brain requires oxygen. Before buying a purebred red poodle, you need to consult with experts in this field, consult a veterinarian about care and nutrition, look after the ears, trim nails, generally take care of the dog, love the pet, always spend time together.