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The brown poodle is one of the officially recognized and accepted colors of the poodle dog breed. The actual shade of brown is a dark, liver brown tone that evenly covers the entire coat. The brown color of these poodles is due to a dominant gene that makes them very common and in demand. Brown poodles are the most common color in poodles, for breeding such poodles, one parent with a brown coat color is enough.

As your dog matures, the rich brown color will fade a little, fade, and change its appearance. Brown poodles have black eyes, amber color, poodles of this color look beautiful, the breed of poodles is in demand, is very popular all over the world. Brown poodles can live from 10 to 18 years, are long-lived, have a standard, average body size, toy brown poodles are small, dogs are tiny, like small bears.

Brown poodles are allergic to certain types of things, mites, fleas, dust; when buying a puppy, it is necessary to monitor the health of the puppy, the oral cavity, comb the hair on an ongoing basis, remove tufts, rolled up hairballs. The curly coat of brown poodles develops into their long and floppy ears, which predisposes to ear infections and microbes thrive in warm, dark, humid environments. Therefore, brown poodles need regular trimming of their ears.

For brown poodles, you need to choose the right balanced diet, without dyes and artificial additives. It is desirable to drive the dog on an ongoing basis to the veterinarian, actively engage, train, take for a walk. Brown poodles are smart pets, ahead of other breeds of dogs in their intelligence. You can buy a brown poodle on the website of our online store Koreanpet, puppies are delivered on time.