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You can buy a micro maltipa on the website of our Koreanpet online store at an affordable price, all puppies are processed, with a pedigree, from healthy offspring, grown in well-known Chinese kennels. The Maltipu is a small cross breed, the size of the dog will vary depending on whether they are mixed with a Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle.

As a general rule, male puppies are usually larger than female puppies. Micro-Maltipu is a small dog, the puppy is placed in a cup. Toy Maltipu is one of the most popular Maltipu options suitable for you, especially for kids. The size of this dog can be an ideal option for those who love this breed, are interested in dogs of small sizes. The Micro-Maltipu is a medium-sized mixed breed dog that typically measures around 30–40 cm in adulthood, with dogs weighing up to 5 kg. Babies of this breed, bred in modern Chinese nurseries, will be true friends to your children and family.

Micro-Maltipu look like miniature teddy bears, outwardly similar to a real toy. Micro-maltiipu are very gentle creatures and affectionate, they get along well with people, perform various tasks. Micro-Maltipu is a modern, sought-after breed of small dogs, before buying a pet, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for caring for a dog, walk regularly, spend a lot of time with your pet for a walk. In terms of nutrition, there will be no particular problems, the kids eat a little of everything, it is advisable to choose food without dyes and chemicals, for soft wool it is advisable to give the baby fruits and vegetables, vitamins are necessary for the dog as the main source of nutrition, for the dog to grow properly.

You can buy a micro-maltipa on the website of our Koreanpet online store, the puppies are healthy, bred in special modern Chinese kennels. Our company offers to buy a micro maltip from healthy offspring, all puppies have undergone a series of procedures, there is a passport and vaccinations. Micro-Maltipu will become a true friend for your family, the dog will bring a lot of pleasure, with proper nutrition and care, your pet will be healthy, beautiful, smooth coat. Delivery of micro maltipu is carried out on time, we work throughout Russia.