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You can buy an extra micro poodle from modern Chinese kennels on the website of our Koreanpet online store. These pocket dogs are full of personality and pep, due to their small size they need to be handled with care, the extra micro poodle will be your good friend. Tea Poodles are usually known for their calm, friendly and playful nature, social dogs that prefer to be in constant company, around people, to be the center of attention.

Extra micro poodles are intelligent dogs, can be a little stubborn at times, prone to dominance. Tea poodles, especially puppies, are fragile, like small children, it is necessary to take care of the dog, do not harm such tiny cute dogs. Poodles will make excellent pets, they will serve as fidelity, they are kind and sympathetic dogs by nature.

Extra micro poodles get along well with other households, children, in terms of nutrition, it is necessary to approach responsibly, feed the animal according to the regimen, pets eat dry and wet food, meat, vegetables and fruits with pleasure. Tea Poodles are a moderately active breed, but due to their small size, they need to be maintained properly. Any house, apartment of various types and sizes is ideal for such a cute dog. With dogs of such a decorative breed, it is necessary to go for a walk, the puppy will not interfere with classes either, poodles perfectly cope with various trainings, perform any tasks with pleasure.

You can buy an extra micro poodle on the website of our Koreanpet online store, we will deliver puppies to any region of Russia, quickly, on time. Puppies have a passport, vaccinations, pedigree, were born from healthy offspring, strong, strong. Poodle kids will be true friends, will get along with your household, pets, children.