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You can buy an extra micro spitz on the website of our online store Koreanpet. The Extra Micro Spitz is a decorative breed of dog, representatives of this breed acquired their size only through crossbreeding. The height and weight of dogs of this breed of Spitz is not more than 3.5 kg, the height is not more than 22 cm. The dog is small in size, looks like a living toy.

Extra micro spitz decorative dogs, small size, the dog has a soft, long soft coat, the dog requires constant care, every day it is necessary to comb the puppy, take it for a walk. When buying a Spitz, you need to consult with experts in this field, choose the right balanced diet for your puppy, constantly give vegetables and fruits, poultry meat.

Extra micro spitz will be a true friend for your family, children will be happy to spend time with a pet, dogs are friendly, mischievous, funny, it is interesting to spend time with them, play games on the street. These adorable dogs can make excellent apartment dogs because of their small stature, they are suitable for any type of premises, of various sizes. You can buy the cutest, beautiful, miniature micro Spitz on the website of our Koreanpet online store, puppies are delivered on time, all dogs have passports, vaccinations, according to age, we work throughout Russia, we will deliver babies to any region of Russia.

Extra micro spitz can be ordered on the website of our company in any color scheme, kids will become dear to every family, spitz will delight you, convey positive emotions. For each client individually, our team will select healthy and active puppies from Chinese, well-known kennels of extra micro spitz, any color scheme.