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Welcome to the store page, where you can purchase Maltipu puppies from the best Korean kennels. The Maltipoo is a tiny breed that is incredibly attractive, cute and elegant.

The Maltipoo is a hybrid breed derived from crossing the Maltese and Poodle breeds. These puppies have soft, fluffy coats that don't shed, so they are an excellent choice for people who are allergic to animal dander. They also work well for those who live in an apartment, as they don't need a lot of space to be active.

Maltipu are highly intelligent, pliable and sociable, making them a great companion for any family. They are very loyal and attached to their owners, making them the perfect choice for those looking for a devoted friend for years to come.

We only work with the best Korean kennels to ensure that every Maltipu puppy we sell meets the high quality standard of the breed. We also offer elite Maltipoo puppies that have outstanding genetics and excellent health.

We have many years of experience with Maltipu puppies, which is why our team of professionals provides the best care and education for each puppy so that they can grow up healthy and happy.

We also offer fast and convenient shipping anywhere in the world so you can get your new Maltipoo puppy as soon as possible. Buying from us is a simple and safe process that will provide you with a high quality Maltipu puppy.