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You can buy an extra micro Yorkie, the cutest, miniature puppy on the website of our online store Koreanpet. Our company operates throughout Russia, bringing to your attention extra micro Yorkie puppies from popular Chinese kennels. Extra micro Yorkie height from 18 to 25 cm, life expectancy 13-16 years, puppies of small size, the pet will become a true friend, dogs of such a miniature breed will bring only joy. The Extra Micro Yorkie is in demand, with most being black and tan, silver gray or light colored. Such puppies need to be carefully monitored, looked after their appearance, often placed in a dog grooming salon, and choose the right balanced diet, without unnecessary chemicals.

Extra micro Yorkie will be your true friend, the dogs are pretty, have an elongated, iridescent coat, loyal dogs, kind pets. The Extra Micro Yorkie is a small dog about the size of a toy, the pet has a small head, slightly flat on top, and a medium-sized muzzle. The long, shiny coat is fine and silky, and comes in a steely blue-brown color. Puppies are brown, black and tan, the hair on the head is so profuse that it is almost always necessary to collect it in a bun. Some owners of these dogs prefer to cut their hair on the top of their head.

The little dog is a very energetic, brave person, loyal and quite intelligent breed, the Yorkie will become a wonderful companion, a true friend. You can buy an extra micro Yorkie on the website of our Koreanpet online store, all dogs of childbirth from Chinese, modern kennels, puppies have a pedigree, produced from healthy and strong offspring. Your family will be happy with this choice, the dog will bring a lot of impressions, positive emotions, your life will become brighter, a loyal friend will appear